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Club Q

Colorado Springs, CO

Ratchet Level: Low

Music: Modern Hip-Hop/Pop

Price: $5

To my knowledge this is the only LGBT establishment in Colorado Springs. I decide to check it out for my birthday turn-up. I was disappointed to see they don't wave the cover charge, since it was in fact my birthday. Before you get into the club be careful when it comes to parking. The dirt parking lot has so many pot holes you're sure to damage your car if you aren't paying attention. The club is in the cut behind a Walgreens on Academy BLVD one of the main roads in Colorado Springs. The club does take cards which is a reliefs on my party tours I found a lot of places only take cash. You also get a free shot card as well. Club Q is very spacious. A large bar area to your right and restrooms to your left . Most of the club is a dance floor with a stage. The crowd was mixed with genders and ethnicities which was nice. The DJ did a good job keeping the club alive and the Go-go dancers danced none stop. The dancers invited me on the stage with them after seeing my moves on the dance floor. That feeling was amazing. There is another area for smokers outside that have their own DJ. I haven't seen that before on any of my trips. The club could use some more advertisement to bring in a bigger crowd, but overall the experience was great. I pre-gamed outside so I didn't get a chance to try the drinks, I'll be sure to check them out next time.

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