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Denver, CO

Ratchet Level: Low

Music: Modern Pop

Price: FREE

My first official Monday turn-up! A group of us decided to hit Charlie's for a farewell party on karaoke night. Though we didn't get a chance to actually sing we had a great time. This spot has a lot going on, and I loved it! The main room has a bar and a dance floor where they play the latest pop songs. The interior reminds me of hooters with everything being made of wood. There in a indoor/outdoor smoking area where people hangout and talk. There is a smaller room where the karaoke was taking place. The list was so long for contestants! The drinks were really cheap. A small pitcher of beer was only $2!. Drinks were half off for those with no pants. Prizes were being given out all night. The crowd was a little diverse. Majority of people were white, a few black folks, and some Latinos. I had a overall good time with a nice drag queen host. This is a place I have to check out on a Saturday night to see how it gets on a weekend.

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