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Aqua Nightclub & Lounge

Ratchet Level: MEDIUM

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: $10 ($15 with a Credit Card)

The first thing you see when you get off of 295 and enter DC which is very convenient when traveling. This is the go to spot for the +21 LGBT scene on a Friday night. The club is very urban. When you walk up you are greeting my security for a simple ID check and entry fee. After that there is a large deck with a bar where a lot of people hangout all night. You can hear some music, but it's more for lounging and socializing. When I entered the club, which was hot as hell it was packed. There are two bars on the inside and a dance floor two steps down. I was caught by surprise on the dance floor when the fog machine goes off to beats in some songs. A very cool effect, but catches you off guard. The club is very packed and the urban music draws in a large African-American crowd. For every 10 males there was 1 female. I had a good time dancing, but was slightly annoyed by the club being so packed people constantly bump into you. The restrooms were cute. There is a employee you puts soap on your hands and pases out towels. Made me feel a little fancy. The guys were very attractive and offered a huge variety. My 1 drink came up to $9 which was ok. I needed another just to feel a little buzz. The music was very modern and played a mix of things, but the DJ kinda sucked. He went straight from Crime Mob "Knuck If You Buck" to Adele "Rolling in the Deep". I was completely taken back by that. Overall I had a good time at the club. I would just make sure I drink before I get there. I did find it awkward they are neighbors to a Childcare Center. Other than that, everything was cool.

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