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12 Penny Saloon

Mosiac, PA

Ratchet Level: LOW

Music Type: Techno Pop

Price: FREE Entry ($4 for the Dance Room/Upstairs Lounge)

I had a hard time findind this place even with my GPS. There is no sign outside that says 12 Penny Saloon or to even indicate it's a bar LGBT or not. It's connected to a restaurant with a huge sign and is overshadowed. But this is the go to place for the LGBT community in the area. If you have ever been to Grand Central in Baltimore it's almost the exact same when it comes to everything. Parking was easy and there is only one side entrance. The bouncer didn't seem like he could handle any kind of trouble. IDs are checked at the door. The bar at the entrance is the go to place for the older crowd and I found it cool to be served by the owner himself who is very welcoming and social. He treated a friend of mines to a drink and told us the name of the bar came from him measuring his penis with pennies. For him it took 12. He said that was the only way of measurements. I can not confirm that. I arrived at 10 which was a huge mistake as the club doesn't really get popping until 12:30am. I found myself at the upstairs bar enjoying drinks from a talented bar tender. His drinks had a bit more alcohol then most bars I attended, but were mixed very well. I paid about $4 a drink. The dance floor features another bar that gave us a watery drink. In the dance room there is a projector to play vidoes to match the songs being played making it almost impossible to request a song. The music was modern day pop with a techno beat to remix them. It was cute. The crowd was all white with a few latinos in the mix. I hated the fact you could smoke inside though. For this town this is the go to spot.

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