“Play (featuring Tribe)” Nashville, Tennessee

Ratchet Level: Low Cover: $10 CASH ONLY(Tribe is free) Music: Pop/Hop-Hop (EDM) Once you cross the bridge leaving the tourist area you are in the real Nashville getting a Two-for-One. These two venues are right next to each other and the building is connected so you are getting a packaged deal for the most part. Tribe is where you want to go first for drinks. The venue is nice and is more of a lounge aesthetic. On the right side is a huge bar with stools and a seating area. On the left side there is a smaller bar with tables and a couch. There was a back room closed but there was a sign for a drag performance/brunch in that room. The place was new, well kept, and modern but standard at the same time. Colorful lights, televisions on the wall playing music videos, etc. People were talking for the most part. The crowd was small with little to no diversity. No one was really dancing. So I would recommend coming here to chill and drink before hitting Play I think I paid $9 for a Long Island which is fair because I had been paying $11 and up at most places in Nashville. When you leave out the door for Play is legit a few feet away. There was a bit of a line because the drag show was about to start. Play is cash only which is annoying in 2019 but they had someone working the lines to manage the crowd to the two ATMs and front load people who had cash already. The process was fast because there is also two registers. After you pass this part there is the main room. The stage is to your left with reserved seating around it. The stage is a pretty nice size for drag performances. To your right is the bar where I paid $10 for a Long Island. The drag queen performing are QUALITY. I have been reviewing clubs internationally for over 6 years and this was a relief. I wouldn’t expect anything less from where Rupaul Drag Race’s Brooklyn Hytes is from (she actually came to the show the very next day I just missed her). The crowd was in love with the performers and everything was well prepared and on time . You do NOT see this very often at all. After watching about four performers I wanted to check out the dance floor. When I entered that room it was a completely different vibe. The dance floor was packed. The crowd was extremely diverse with couples gay and straight of all color, sizes, and types. It was giving me New York rave vibes. I got lost in the crowd just dancing to good music. It was amazing. The only complaint is a combination of the fog machine and drinks spilling all over the floor it was extremely wet and slippery. I even witnessed a man fall on his way out. I would have someone working the floors to sweep/mop even with the crowd so packed. New music was being played. I had a great time. I left around 3am. Right outside is a hotdog stand to grab some street food. I was too distracted by a car accident I witnessed right as I was leaving. Everyone was extremely fast acting on helping the accident and that was a real moment (myself included). Play (featuring Tribe) was an amazing experience. I would come here every time I visit or even visit just for the club. Your favorite international club critic; Shamel Jones.