“Marquette” Atlanta, Georgia

Ratchet Level: High Music: Rap/Trap Cover: $10/$15 (Cash Only) I typically don’t hit after hours spots and like to call it a night after about 2am, but the party was just getting started! This venue doesn’t open until 3am. Security at the front door and a cashier as soon as you enter. Another cash only spot which at this point in 2019 is primitive. There is an ATM inside in the back, so the staff held on to our IDs while we used it. The main room is spacious with seating around the entire edge. There is security inside. The a/c was on so we were not too hot, but the floor was a little too slippery with the shoes I was wearing. This venue has a bar with all female bartenders. The drinks were alright but most people pay $12 for a pitcher. There is also a kitchen. The wings here were trash even while I was drunk. In the back there are different rooms. In one of the rooms was a pole with a stripper performing. Two of the rooms were restrooms with little to no privacy. The other rooms I didn’t bother to look in. This place is a nice opportunity to people watch. It was so much going on with dance battles, lituations, and drama. For the most part I was the “cute out of town guy dancing”. I went here on Friday and had a great time. I also came in Saturday but did not go inside as I wasn’t feeling well. The line was extremely packed in Saturday’s and my friends said it was much better than Friday (though Friday was still a good time). Overall I would end the night here. A nice place to continue the turn up and get some food all in one. Be warned it is ratchet though. But the good kind of ratchet. Keeping the energy of a hot boy/hot girl summer your favorite international club critic; Shamel Jones.