“Dudley’s” Charleston, South Carolina

Ratchet Level: Low Cover Charge: $5 Music: Random I wasn’t to excited writing this review simply because this venue is nothing special. Located downtown Charleston is a very small venue with inconsistent music. Allow me to elaborate or both. Outside there is about 3 tables inside a small fence where smokers converse and drink. There is a booth where IDs are checked and modern register to pay with card or cash. When you enter you get an admission ticket, but there is no one on the other side of the door to collect it so unless you are re-entering then it’s a waste of paper. (Word of advise to cut the cost!) Inside there is a small room with one bar and mirrors. There was randomly two tables in the middle with no seats that did more blocking of room to dance than anything. Drinks were only $5 and were horribly mixed. The restrooms were not dirty but the toilet was broken in the males and was starting to flood on the floor. I’m not sure if it was due to St.Patricks day but the main room was packed. I had to move people to make my way through the crowd. The music was very random and inconsistent. It was jumping from Cardi B to Lady Gaga and then random EDM/techno mixes. I didn’t see a DJ and the songs would play all the way though like a playlist. This is a small room next to the bar with a few tables and ATM. You could lightly hear the music from the main room, but people were just sitting at the handful of tables. This place is very small. Nothing was special or stood out. The crowd wasn’t very diverse with a few straight couples mixed in whom were just drunk St.Patrick participated whom heard some music playing while walking around. There was no security or pat down. I had a lot more fun waiting in line outside people watching. Apparently this is the only gay venue in Charleston according to locals. I was referred to “Tabbuli” as another LGBT venue where I pregamed which ended up just being a hookah bar that has drag shows, but is just gay friendly (I was the only gay there...). Overall I am disappointed. This was my first review in South Carolina. Hopefully Columbia will be different. You can pass on this establishment, but it’s always nice to have a venue for the gays to conjure. More reviews on ShamelJones.com