“10th & Piedmont” Atlanta, Georgia

Ratchet Level: Medium/High Price: No Cover Music: Hip-Hop/Rap Sunday funday! From when I arrived to Atlanta on Friday I was told to attend 1st Friday at Compound and Sunday Funday at 10th and Piedmont. It was very last minute, but I decided to go. I was just drained by the ATL club scene from the 2 days I went out and didn’t really enjoy myself (see those reviews). The event is over around 12am/1am. I decided at 10pm I was going and arrived around 11pm. Not sure if it’s because I arrived late, but there was no one working the door to act as security or check IDs. Regardless I entered and the party was super packed! There is one big room divided by a half wall. The DJ was by the entrance and the bar was on the other side. I made my way to the packed bar. The drinks were possibly the worse I’ve ever had. The bar was out of normal Red bull so they were using calorie free (and still up-charge for it) and were conserving it by only serving very little in your drink. My cup was full of cheap watered down vodka with a splash of Red Bull. The vodka was so watered down I could drink it by itself. The music was poppin though, playing all the latest ratchet hits. Some dudes couldn’t handle their liquor and we’re getting a little too aggressive trying to shoot their shot at me. After awhile of dodging dudes and dancing I decided to get another drink from a different bartender. This time was cranberry and vodka. This bartender was nicer, but the drink was just as nasty. As far as the venue I couldn’t really tell much because it was packed. The walls were modern stacked stone with wall couches all the way around. The floor was a bit tore up cement but I think that was on purpose. With plastic cups being served of course they were all over the floor. The crowd was 99% black gays with 1% transgender and/or women. More people were dancing than my last few ATL parties, but still not many overall. This is a cute Sunday turn-up. No security, but people must know how to act because I didn’t witness any drama or fights. The guys too drunk were policed up by their friends. The neighborhood must actually be the Gayborhood because there were LGBT flags on all the nearby establishments. There is also a gay bar next door. The locals told me that was more for the white crowd. If I didn’t arrive so late I would have peaked in. I’ll check that out next time. I left before the let-out just to avoid the crowd. While waiting for my Uber directly outside there was a hipster-ish homeless Drug Dealer selling edibles outside. While trying to make a sale to a girl she tripped and fell into the street to oncoming traffic. I could have lost my life trying to save hers. Hopefully next time I party here there is more staff, but more importantly drink responsibly. (I randomly just found out this is normally a brunch restaurant. That explains the open space with the wall seating. Tables are supposed to go in the middle of the floor. Interesting....)