“Missie B’s” Kansas City, MO

Ratchet Level: Low Price: Free Music: Pop I don’t even know where to begin. I am currently on my Winter 2018 club review tour. I attended this bar on a Monday and was caught off guard by the crown and atmosphere. I was only in Kansas City for when night (on a Monday at that) and stopped in around 10pm to grab a drink and check out the bar. The main room has two bars with a lot of open space and seating. I grabbed a vodka/cranberry which was just $3.50 with the drink special. The upstairs was closed so I did not get a chance to look, but doing my time there the theater had a play going on. I came too late to see the play in the theater room, but when the doors opened around 11 to end the play; the bar was packed with people leaving. This was a shocking turnout for a weekday. People stuck around for a few to mingle and drink. There was so much interaction going on. The people gave a real community like feel. I have only seen something like this in DC during day parties. I was impressed. I headed to the back which was the smoke room with another bar. Though I don’t smoke I wanted to try a drink for a different bartender to see consistency. This bar tender was much more social making genuine conversation (and offering free a free shot lol). I socialized at the bar for awhile before making my way to the theater room for “Drag Queen Family Feud”. This was a new experience and very fun. The local queens performed then hosted a game of family feud with the crowd. Jokes were made and shade was thrown all night. After about an hour of this it was time to go. I was drunk after about 5 drinks and needed food on my stomach. Directly next door is an organic vegan restaurant. Before heading there the man working the front door at the bar allowed me to place my new logo sticker on the front door after notifying him I was writing a review. Normally I just sneak them in the bathroom for humor, but he was really nice. The restrooms were legit ladies only and male only with signs posted not allowing the opposite gender inside. That was new to me for a gay establishment as for the most part I’m use to gender neutral restrooms. My guest would be because a straight crowd comes in to view the constant drag shows maybe? The place isn’t new, but it well kept by the owner. I was playing very close attention to detail. The restroom was surprisingly very clean. There was a mixture of males and females (mostly white with a few minorities sprinkled in). It was a safe community feel here. They have a good thing going, I would love to try it on a Friday or Saturday. More club reviews on ShamelJones.com