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"NY.Club" Munich, Germany

Ratchet Level: Low

Music: EDM mix of Hip-Hop and Pop

Price: 10 Euros

So Munich is one of the major cities located at the very south of Germany. I was free this weekend so I literally booked a hotel and traveled very last minute. In Germany you don't want to arrive to the club before 1am. Since I arrived to my hotel after midnight this worked to my advantage. I was just relieved Uber worked here as the taxis can be extremely expensive. Though Uber is rare here I was upgraded to XL so arriving to the club in an all black Benz created a sort of "bad bitch" image I thought was hilarious. I hop out the whip and head into the club. It's located in what seems to be a club area. I'm not sure if it was downtown though. I googled gay clubs in Munich instead of conversing with the locals. All these advertisements for the "biggest gay party in Munich" kept popping up for this club. See I'm from Baltimore so of course I've been to New York. A lot of my early reviews are for NY clubs actually. So to name it NY.Club my expectations were high. At this point I'm disappointed. Don't get me wrong I love a mainstream place for the LGBTQ+ community to gather, but now I feel there is a gay club checklist and a lot of these spots are meeting the bare minimum. There is a bar located at the entrance where the smokers converse. Inside is a 2 bars with the second being located on the small dance floor. This venue is actually very small. Flashing lights, stereotype music, and extremely overpriced basic drinks where the bartender measures the alcohol. There is a small stage with a basic stripper pole. I went on a Friday which tends to attract the younger crowd. Next to the restroom is a "dark room" where people go to do drugs and hook-up. This location does not deserve to use the title New York. Overall I was not impressed. Not much diversity either. If you want authentic clubs you need to actually go to New York.

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