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"Club Blitz (Gay Night)" Munich, Germany

Ratchet Level: MEDIUM

Price: 15 Euros

Music: Electronic

This was honestly my first officially electronic club. I try to stay away from reviewing gay events at straight venues, but this place hosts gay events quite frequently. I picked a good weekend to visit Munich. There was an LGBTQ+ festival (smaller than Pride) going on so there was many events and parties. The locals informed my Club Biltz was the place to be after attending the block party. The party starts around 3am, but wouldn't be poppin' til about 2am. I arrived at 330am, and didn't leave until 630am. This reminded my of my early clubs days at "The Paradox" in Baltimore. This was my first official electronic club. I arrived super late in my Uber. After paying a sticker was placed on my cellphone camera to prevent me from taking pictures. I was told this was common for clubs in places like Berlin. I didn't think it was a big deal; this just made it feel more official to me. There is a coat check and empty bar area before going to the main dance room. It was very dark with random lights. This was the electronic shit you see on TV. Music with no words just fast paced beats. I had fun trying to adapt to the new culture. The fashionistas were here! I had fun getting into the German fashion. The drinks were a bit pricey but they were not measures though I could tell the bartender knew where to stop on the cup. Not much to say. Somewhat of a warehouse feel, but a club. My only recommendation would be to have someone clean during the party instead of the end as there was a lot of broken glass on the floor.

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