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Almost Famous

Busan, South Korea

Ratchet Level: HIGH

Music: Pop

Price: 5,000won ($5)

I was super excited to attend this event. This is South Korea's annual "Busan Drag Prom". I arrived to the establishment to be embarassed that I had my friends follow me to this hole in the wall of a bar. The crowd was there. but the energy was not. The building looks very sketchy. You head down some steps where someone is waiting to give you a wrist band after you pay the cover charge. Which does not take debit/credit by the way. After you enter a room that looks like an abandoned old basement. Old cement floors and warn out furniture in a very small room. There is one tiny bar that had about 4 bartenders. THe drinks were extremely weak. I had 5 vodka+cranberry and couldn't even get a buzz. I was forced to leave the club to head somewhere else to drink some soju to bare dealing with this place. The music was very homosexual stereotype playing music like "Over the Rainbow". I was over it. I went to the DJ and requested some modern pop. You know some Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. He played a few songs then went back to "Celebrate Good Times". It was horrific. After downing all those drinks I had to use the restroom. This restroom was so gross and dirty. The worse I have ever seen. I would never return to this place. Not worth visiting. The only bit of enjoyment I had was conversing with the many people outside socializing. If you plan on visiting for a regular night out or to attend "Busan Drag Prom", don't...

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