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Warrior Nun


Season 1 Review

(Writing this review during episode 9 of 10) The concept is unoriginal. Think back to the movie Priest (2011) or the assassin nuns in Hitman (video game). Still a cute concept though. The execution is off, and here’s why... Another rebellious white girl bestows upon powers and a destiny she doesn’t want and spends majority of the story rejecting it when we all know she will accept it in the end. We have seen this concept and execution time and time again (Shadow Hunters, Jessica Jones, hell even Froze ). Her wittiness, annoying humor, and displaced comic relief is also unoriginal. It’s so draining multiple characters grow tired of this coping mechanism throughout the series. The character development is extremely predictable. The CGI is horrific and an embarrassment to 2020 especially with the Netflix budget it was given. Shotgun Mary and Beatrix are the best thing that happened to this show. Their fighting scenes are AMAZING, their characters are SOLID, and their story is much more entertaining and interesting than anything else. Take out the supernatural factors or even the main character and follow them two for a much better series. Mother Superior was intriguing as well, but also predictable. Some things are understandable. For example a paraplegic young adult walking for the first time, boy crazy, and naive decisions are understandable in regards to her situation. Overall there is a lot of potential. Diversity is forced with each nun being a different race. There is obviously women empowerment and unforced LGBTQ+ representation which is much appreciated, but it wasn’t enough to carry the show. The trailer was much more exciting than the series honestly. If you’re a bored teenager than this is a cute watch. Outside of that skip this and watch a good show like The Witcher or a The Boys. This is 2020 and if you want a solid strong female lead with diversity shows like Into the Badlands or even Legacies pull this off MUCH BETTER.

Umbrella Academy


Season 2 Review

Started it pretty rough. I didn’t enjoy the first couple of episodes. It was nothing refreshing being presented as we see stories like this play out VERY often in sci-fi series. Time travel will continue to be the scape goat for shows, and until we get away from this we will continue to see the same content presented over and over. (The Magicians is guilty of this as well and now The 100 too...) The character development was slow. I found myself hating the show until I simply said, “fuck it..” and just decided to accept it at surface value. Dysfunctional super-powered family who continues to find themselves in unnecessary drama (in which they always cause). Witty jokes and action scenes. I do enjoy the quality of effects. I don’t read the comic/graphic novel so I couldn’t tell you the accuracy in comparison. One of the more trendy Netflix series. 7/10 for being average. Once you watch a quality show like The Boys (which is extremely refreshing and exciting) everything else will just be lackluster. I don’t actually like any of the siblings. I hate them all individually. Did you enjoy the series?

The Magicians


Season 5

I was very interested to see how this show execute another season after killing off a major character. It worked for Game of Thrones and it worked here honesty. A lot of the storyline was center around the death (I won’t say their name to prevent spoilers) which allowed for character development in just about everyone. This allowed people who don’t usually have scenes together to communicate and build storylines. The series finale seemed rush. At no point did I feel like anyone was in danger. The time loop thing can be a bit draining, but overall I was tuned in every week. Alice’s wig was noticeable this season. As always the show is very diverse with a lot of representation and awareness. The real life pregnancy tied into the show was nice (it worked for Vampire Diaries so I wasn’t surprised). With shows like Legacies, Charmed, and Sabrina (all centered around witches/magic) being extremely popular The Magicians held their own this season. Something I would recommend you watch during your quarantine.

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