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BYOND: Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes (BYOND) is an all inclusive 2D action massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. Create your own unique character or fill the suit of some of your favorites in an open world adventure. Team-up with friends or become the villain.  

Download BYOND and play!

Some of the species include: -Mutants (who has over 100 different powers to include Telepathy, Time Manipulation, and Pyrokinesis)

-Asgardians are much stronger and faster than humans. Warriors by nature.

-Humans are skilled with technology or magic, but can also be mutated through science. 

(Kree, Robots, Vampire, Atlantian, Skrull, and more!)


After creating a character you are free to roam the world and create your destiny. First you will need a costume. 


Click this button or the "Customize" button in your Actions tab to build a costume or change your clothes.

-Roleplay, use of skills, and training will level your character. With a higher level you have more energy to use abilities.

- The game is currently in BETA testing. Please send all bugs, ideas, and issues to

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