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“616” Memphis, Tennessee

Cover Charge: $15 (Cash or Cash App)

Music: Rap, Hip-Hop,

Ratchet Level: HIGH

Chileeeeeee! When I think of Memphis this club fits the aesthetic. The venue itself is nice. It has an urban, grungy, warehouse vibe and I absolutely love it. There is a stage area with vip seating and a runway. A big open dance floor, big bar, and upstairs balcony with an overview of the dance floor. The club itself was cute. I arrived around 1 am on a Saturday night out. The theme was wigs. When we walked in they were doing a contest. The host spent A LOT of time on the mic. There wasn’t music music being played for awhile. She gave me local legend vibes so I’m sure she earned her right to speak as much as she wants. The dance floor was empty and people were tucked away in many different parts. Gender wise this place was diverse, but overall this is the black LBGTQ+ scene. After the contest was over and the music was played it was all the songs you want to hear. The DJ was live but the songs were not mixed or blended at all. The sounds would overlap with the worse transitions I have seen in my life. It’s like there was a play list and the last 5 second would overlay the next song or sound like you pressed skip. It was horrible. But I haven’t seen my friend dance so much in such a long time. Time to hit the bar. My drink was not memorable, but charging $3 for a cup of ice will never be forgotten. That’s very odd to me. Overall this is the hood spot the girls will tip out to. Some were serving looks and some were chilling, but everyone was lit. No drama just fun. Trade was out too. I had a good time and an even better time at the let-out blasting music dancing in the parking spot. If I was to return to Memphis this is the spot to tip out to if you wanna see black gay culture. Your favorite club critic; Shamel Jones.


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