“Opera” Washington D.C.

Cover: Free Music: Hip-Hop/Rap Ratchet Level: Medium Low So “Park on 14th” has been dethroned as the LGBT Sunday Funday in D.C. and replaced with Opera. Not much of a difference; they are literally on the same street, have pretty much the same promotion team, and things of that nature. Regardless let’s break things down. Outside there is security doing pretty much the bare minimum. I was able to bring my flask into the club (but I have been successfully doing that all over America tbh). As soon as you enter the venue there is a staircase leading downward. On the right side is a bar and on the left is a dance floor. The place is pretty much a large circle. Of course being a free cover charge drinks will be a bit pricy. My cranberry/vodka went for $15. Anything you ordered was $15. My friends had a Long Island and another cocktail. The staff was all female imitating what’s popular in Atlanta currently (attractive female staff, bottle service with flashing lights...). The seating area is considered VIP though it’s literally just a couch with a table. This is becoming a popular trend amongst clubs. In the middle are cool light fixtures leading to the center and a dance floor. The DJ was extremely up to date playing all the songs we wanted to hear from “My Type” by Saweetie to City Girls and everything in between. The air was blasting to keep it cool. It was a bit crowded with 50 to 1 male to female ratio. I didn’t get a chance to look at the restrooms. Overall the place was cute. Street parking is free in Sundays if you can find a spot. It’s only been a few weeks. We will see how this relationship will grow.