“DC Eagle” Washington DC

Ratchet Level: Medium Cover: $30 Music: Hip-Hop/RnB Not sure if this place has any relation to “Eagle” the new gay bar in Baltimore (which I also did a review for this weekend) but welcome to DC Eagle. The venue is in the cut and parking is weird. We parked in the plaza in front which has a gate so you have to walk around and come down a dirt path next to a freeway bridge. I’m not sure if it is closer parking to be honest. There was two entrances. The bottom floor seemed to have more of a white gay event going on and all the minorities were going to the right which lead upstairs. The cover charge was $30 cash/credit. That is a bit much even for DC. Regardless we entered and had to go up two stories of stairs which both had a patio. No one was outside, but the rainbow lights which lit up the walls sort of like a gay Bat-signal. The theme in the inside what I would describe as warehouse. The grungy rave type of look. The restroom was dirty. There is a small stage with a DJ at the top. One bar in the right with extremely overpriced drinks and an open dance floor. Everything here was over priced. I only pay this much at pride events. Overall it was cute. The place was no where near packed in a Saturday night. I blame the cover charge and customer service honestly. Go here as a last resort, but you’ll have more fun at Secrets or Fireplace. More reviews from your favorite international club critic; Shamel Jones.