“InCahoots” Jacksonville, FL

Ratchet Level: Medium Price: $5 (CASH ONLY) Music: Pop I pulled up on a Friday night to Jacksonville for an impromptu club review. The locals on Grindr recommended this club above the other two options. Friday nights are normal and saturdays are Hip-Hip with a $10 cover change instead of $5. I arrived around 1am. The venue looks to be very small on the outside. There are two doors that doesn’t say which is the entrance and which is the exit. I went into the wrong door of course. The door is just old wood painted black. I actually cut my finger opening the door so that was strike one. The cash only was strike two. There is an ATM inside though. The security checks ID but not pat you down which is a safety concern. And the woman at the front desk booth is very nonchalant. Both of them remove the welcoming feel and level of attraction a LGBT establishments or any night club should have. The entrance is a open room with a bar and pool table. Three people online told me as soon as I enter to go to the left because the bartender is much better. I did so and it was terrible. The bartender spends so much time talking to his Kiki girlfriends that he barely takes any drink orders. I found myself talking to the girl across the bar as we kept starring at him both upset we waited so long for drinks. Like constant talking to different friends walking up. My drink wasn’t even good! This room played rap music and is just a bar with a few seats. The dancing room had a drag show going on and a bar. I got there late because the drag show doesn’t end until around 1am and I wanted more of the club experience. I danced and took pictures of people with my Polaroid camera. The music was early 2000s pop like Flo Rida. The rest room is extremely dirty I just want to add. The club for the most part is a hole in the wall bar with everything just simply painted black. No luxury or creativity. It reminded me of Club One in Savannah, GA. It was only missing a disco ball. The crowd was extremely diverse. Female to male ratio was even and there was people of all colors. The bartender in the dancing room was much better. So much better I paid double for one drink because I tipped him well. I left before the letout because I didn’t want to get caught in the crowd. I want to come back and test the hip-hop night.