“Karma” Washington DC

Ratchet Level: High Music: Hip-Hop/Rap Price: $20 I stepped into Karma for a New Years turn-up after the ball dropped at Bar Louie. My first outfit was nice, but I was told by my friends to change into something more urban because of the ratchet crowd and atmosphere. We arrived around 2am. The security was a little aggressive, but I guess you have to be when dealing with drunk crowds. The front door was difficult when looking at the tickets we pre-purchased online. Regardless we got in. For those who didn’t pay in advance there was cash only. I personally hate cash only events because it seems dated not to accept credit/debit. The party smelled like a fish fry. It was a bit unbearable. The venue is pretty much a large open space with a small bar to the left and a stage to the far right. The bartenders were tacky and lazy. My drinks were horrible and somewhat pricey. Everyone was standing around with a few dancing, the music was great though. What I didn’t like was the only walkway to the restroom was blocked off by a photography booth. This means you had to constantly wait or interrupt someone’s picture. The VIP/sitting area blocked off a smooth walkway to the restroom. Drinks were served in plastic cups which is more sanitary than glass but the empty cups were everywhere. If you follow my reviews I always recommend to have a janitor/staff in sight to clean trash and spills. This not only prevents accidents, but keeps the venue clean for an overall presentation. The stage had gates in front of them. The kind they use in outside concerts. Just a ghetto image. Nothing in this club stood out. Wouldn’t call it a hole in the wall, but it’s one hole from being there. More reviews on ShamelJones.com