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“Voyeur” & “Woody’s” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Price: $15/$10
Ratchet Level: Medium
Music: Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, EDM

Apart these are two stand alone clubs that you can have a good time, but because of my experience I want to combine the review. I’m on my winter 2018 LGBT Club Review tour so of course I had to make my way to Philly since I had such a good time on my previous tour. I arrived in town around 9pm and check into my hotel in the area with 3 of my turn-up friends from the DMV (special shoutout to Neville). First stop was Voyeur (because the VIP guest list has to arrive before midnight). The club entrance is in somewhat of a cobblestone alley. There is a security to do pat downs and ID checks. Once entered you go to the cashier and receive a stamp. (There is an ATM present as well.) The first floor is a large room with a big stage in the middle. We headed downstairs first where there is a separate DJ, bar, and dance floor. It was pretty chill but we were early. We purchased drinks which ranged from $10-$15. The cups were pretty big (and not well mixed), but they served their purpose. After about an hour here we decided to head across the street to Woody’s (we were meeting a group of local friends). Same ID check and pat down. The cover charge here was $10. This club has so many different rooms each with their own music and aesthetic. We were downstairs in a glass room for awhile before heading upstairs to a super crowded room. It was so lit. The crowd was diverse in terms of gay boys and straight girls. There was a lot of straight guys there trying to hit on girls. I cock blocked so many from my girls I can’t even keep count. We were there for awhile dancing before decided to head back to Voyeur. Overall in Woody’s I had a great time with the modern music and dance battles. Upstairs gave a college party feel and downstairs was a normal club feel. When heading back to Voyeur the re-entrance was too easy with our stamps. This time the party was actually popping on the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor has a glass partition that overlooked the main floor as well as a room. This room had an amazing DJ giving a variety of dance music. There was a lot of dancing and grinding which I really enjoyed. It was super packed. What I saw in both clubs were constant drinks spills which were never cleaned up. Plastic cups were used so there was never any glass (thank gosh). We stayed until the club let out. Woody’s let out at the same time so the BLOCK WAS HOT. People were everywhere scrambling for Uber’s and getting last minute pizza (which was BOMB). I had the best time at both clubs. I would recommend jumping between both clubs, but staying at one would be equally as fun. Until next time Philly. 

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