“Axis” Columbus, Ohio

Ratchet Level: Low Price: $8 Music: EDM This club is located on High st. which is one of the more popular streets in Columbus. It is directed across the street from “Union Cafe” slightly tucked away. I thought it would be fun to arrive here in a #LimeScooter. Boy that was not a good idea it was freezing outside. I arrived around 12:30. As I mentioned before the club is slightly tucked away. You have to go up a ramp and you will find it in the back left corner. There were police guarding the door. Someone told me prior this is an +18 spot. I’m not sure if I noticed “X’s” on anyone’s hands, but I also wasn’t looking . After you pay there is a small room with a stage. This is where drag queens were performing. Next to this there is an outside heating area with a gate to smoke and tall of course. The big room is the main attraction. It has multiple levels with a large stage. There is a 2 level bar in the middle. If you don’t want to party downstairs you can head upstairs that has a small room, seats, a bar, and balcony to overlook the main room. I spent my time drinking up there. The drink was horrible...well so strong I had to ask another bartender to fix it. What I also did not like is that you are charged a temporary $30 to open a tab. I get this is to prevent people from skipping out on tabs, but geez that is a bit corny. The crowd was diverse in the sense of gays and random open minded college students who like to makeout in the middle of the dance floor. This night had a slight rave theme with neon lights and glow sticks. A lot of people randomly had on body paint. I am very well versed with music (though I prefer hip-hop) but at times I found myself asking “What the fuck is the DJ playing?!” Some songs were great mixes, others were horrific. This is a cute place for the college kids to party. As long as the drag queens perform here it will be alright. The second they leave I don’t see longevity. It wasn’t actually crowded unless people gathered in one area. Drinks were constantly spilled on the floor, but not cleaned up. Some people here too wasted which I didn’t like. Overall it was a cute night.