“DLRO Live (Delirio Live)” Madrid, Spain

Ratchet Level: Medium Price: 10€ Music: Latino, EDM I asked the locals where was the club scene for Friday night. I got the same answer every time! I pulled up in my Uber to find what appeared to be a house from the outside built of stone. The line was very short as we got there around midnight. Instead of going in we went to a different bar. I usually travel and party solo, but I had female friends to accompany me this time. After getting drunk in a Rock-N-Roll bar I decided to give this place a try. I was hesitant because I did not hear anything from the outside . When we returned around 1am the line was much longer. Turns out the venue is soundproof to the outside. The entrance fee give you a free drink ticket (which turns out to be extremely common in Madrid). The venue is more long than wide similar to a Baltimore town home. It was packed as there was a very basic drag show going on. No shade these drag queens met the bare minimum requirements. Padding was showing and wigs were not layed. After the aggressive drag show the party moved downstairs to a room with air condition. It was extremely packed! Like way above capacity. It was fun. The crowd was about 99% male. So much fun and personality. Don’t waste your time wearing cute shoes as they will likely be stepped on squeezing through the crowd. I made my way on stage to dance and turn-up. With just about everyone being Spanish I had fun talking to the locals speaking Spanish and English. I spent a lot of time hanging out in the smoking area when I wasn’t dancing. The music wasn’t great but it was fun. This is a spot you show up to late and already drunk. Bartenders here (or anywhere in Madrid) don’t measure drinks. They just hook you up. Shoutout to everyone who showed me love.