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The Sun Trapp, Utah

Ratchet Level: Low

Price: Free

Music: EDM/Techo

I decided to take a random 3 day trip to Salt Lake City, Utah as my time in the mid-west is coming to an end soon. Initially I intended to go to Try-Angles instead simply because when you Google, "Gay Clubs Salt Lake City" it pops up first. After I arrived the locals all told me The Sun Trapp was the ONLY place to be on a Saturday night for the LGBT community. Because of the failure on Friday of another gay club (Moose Lounge) I was expected to be disappointed. I decided to get really drunk and arrive late. Utah does 12:30am last call (which is really annoying. I arrived to the club around 12:15am to see a line wrapped around the door and packed on the inside. I was quite impressed. Majority of the crowd was white males, female best friends, and sprinkles of minority. Everything seemed quite peaceful. While waiting in line the owner and security came over to a large group in front of me. Apparently they were just openly drinking a bottle of wine. The owner was nice enough to not ban them, but not allow entry for tonight. He explained to them he could lose his liquor license for their careless mistake. Apparently they didn't know "that was a thing". Idiots. I was impressed to see staff so hands on and direct without being aggressive. Moving along I finally made it into the club. The bar was not playing about the 12:30 last call. No more drinks were served, which was a bummer. The first room is just a bar. It leads to a dance floor that was extremely packed. Following that is a back area with another bar. Then of course their is an outside area where people were still turnt up. I had fun squeezing in the middle of the packed dance floor dancing. People kept touching my fur jacket (which was fine). I wasn't there long, but I had a great time. I recommend hitting up his spot of you are ever in SLC.

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