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Z-Bar at Stage 48

Ratchet Level: Medium

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: $20

My friends and I stormed the club around 1am. I was happy to see there was no line. Stage 48 is set up weird. There are different clubs on each floor. Not all being LGBT, but there are different entrances. I'm not cheap, but I was over the fact the cover charge was $20. There was a nice diverse crowd. About 35 males for every 1 female. Hands down this was the best DJ I experienced. The club was basically one open room with couches in each corner. Very modern simplistic design. Derrick J was spotted walking around as well. He actually walked right past me. The restrooms are very open as men and women share the sinks. There was only one bar. The drinks were ok, but lite on the liquor. Of course there was at least one fight , but security took care of that fast. I had a really great time at this club. Everyone else seemed to as well. Z-Bar is on the higher floor so there are a lot of steps to go up. If you're up for the walk up the steps this is deff a place to party.

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