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Town Danceboutique

Washington DC

Ratchet Level: LOW

Music Type: Techno / Pop

Price: $10

This is by far my favorite club. The line moves fast with a bouncer at the end checking IDs. Fake Ids are taken and you're put out the club. on their +18 night they mark the big X's on your hand. I also like the club does accept debit/credit cards too. So you walk into a nice dance floor with a bar. There is a huge projection on two walls to play the music video going with the song with a cute stage I head straight to. I always hear the most recent songs, and I love how they throw in popular throwbacks. If you arrive a little early here you will find the drag shows. I always find myself dancing on stage with my friends being the center of attention. The crowd is mostly white with some diversity including Latinos, African American, Middle Eastern, and Asian. I often see a lot of straight girls here with what appears to be bisexual boyfriends. Guys here do this thing where they walk up to you and randomly attempt to kiss you. For everyone their it's pretty normal. When you head up the stairs you will find what feels like a different club. This floor plays techno mixed pop music and dubstep. This floor has a whole new feel as there are gogo dancers on different platforms and a lot of people are shirtless. There is another bar on this floor. Everyone is jumping around on this floor as it matches the music. The stage here is much bigger. You will find people kissin in corners all over the room. On the other side there is a platform where people just look around. Cute for searching for boys. There is a closed lounge area too for you to relax and have a nice one on one conversation. When partying here you get two clubs in one which is dope. I reccommend everyone come here and have a good time.

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