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The Stonewall

Allentown, PA

Ratchet Level: MEDIUM

Music Type: ???

Price: FREE

I was not prepared for this hole in the wall bar in a small shitty town. I arrived to what looked like a house and had trouble finding out which door was for entry. There is a sign on the door saying "21 and Older", but on a Saturday night there was no security to check ID and no security on the inside. I simply walked right into a very small crowd of about 10 of older beer belly white men who all appeared to know each other in a ragedy bar with broken tables. There wasn't regular music. It was karaoke night and they we performing songs I never head. I like to think of myself to be very diverse when it comes to music. My firends and I decided to get up and perform Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" with a mic we were told goes in and out. After that I got a watered down drink for $4. Waste of time. 5 minutes in I had already called a taxi to come pick me up. The owner came up to us and informed us we could not have outside drinks (a tea bottle) instead of welcoming new faces to his establishment. I was also super turned off from the fact smoking was allowing inside the bar like this was a 90s police movie. A waste of time coming there. Only thing that saved them was the no entry fee. It's no shade that this was all shade. I didn't feel welcome and I didn't have fun.

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