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The Manor

Miami, FL

Ratchet Level: Medium

Music Type: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Techno

Price: $7 (Does not take cards. ATM Available)

This was my first Miami club which is technically in Fort Lauderdale though. Walking up to the venue it was a very long line. This was a good sign. I attended during Memorial Day weekend which was Sizzle, Miami's Black Pride. This club was actually not a Sizzle event but was extremely live. This was a good sign. The crowd was very diverse. Men of all flavors were there and even women. The club seem to have a Latino look and feel. The first room played music but was more of a bar area with chairs and tables. I headed towards the left first. This room was smaller but was the urban room with a bar playing a mixture of hip-hop and urban pop. This was my favorite room. Though I'm very versitile on the dance floor this was music I preferred though it was extremely packed and very hot I made room to bust a couple moves on the dance floor. After awhile in this room I needed to explore the club and see what else they offered. There was another bar area. Music played , but it was where everyone headed to for drinks. The drinks were strong, but over priced. One of the bartenders was very rude , but another one made it up to us by being welcoming and humble. The next room was very large. It was one big dance floor and two belconies. This room played more pop and techno with strobe lights. I didn't spend much time there but it seemed pretty cool reminding me of some DC clubs like Town Dance Boutique. It felt like multiple clubs in one place. Get bored in one room , go to another for a whole new scene. My only complaint would be the small restroom and not taking cards at the door. That is all. Overall this was my favorite Miami club and I had a great time. I would reccomend this to anyone visiting the area.

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