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Philadelphia, PA

Ratchet Level: LOW

Music: Pop

Price: Free

My first gay bar in Philly had to be Tabu. I was recommend by a lot of locals to go here for drinks. Tabu is located downtown in the gayborhood. I dediced to switch things up by visiting during happy hour though I did return to see the night life. The drinks are strong! Which is a good thing if you're trying to get drunk, but I had to have the bartender take all of my drinks and water them down with cranberry juice. From what I've seen the crowd is 95% males with a few females coming in. Very diverse with blacks, whites, and latinos from my observation. There is security at the door to check ID which is great. I've been to too many places where there is no guard so kids like to sneak in. There are 3 floors. The first is the main area with a bar plenty of tables and chairs, and flat screens everywhere playing the latest sports games. This is not your stereotypical gay bar. Upstairs is another bar area for the older mature crowd. I peeked in. It mimics the first floor with a little more open space. Downstairs is the restrooms. The crowd was nice and flirted with me a lot. I enjoyed my time visiting and would come back to enjoy a few drinks.

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