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Kabin Lounge

Washington DC

Ratchet Level: LOW

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: FREE

I arrived a little on the late side and just walked right on in. There is security at the entrance, but they didn't frisk me or check ID. As soon as you enter you have to walk 3 flights of stairs which was a bit draining, especially if you are drunk leaving the club. I finally made it to the top to walk into a nicely designed room full of people and great music but NOBODY was dancing! The DC was very modern and consistant so I was a bit confused. The lounge as nice blocked off sections great for VIP. The only female in sight was the bartender. The crowd was 100% men (which is perfect for me). The second I started dancing people loosened up, but it was still only a handful. Everyone else was stading around watching and mingling a bit. I saw a great deal of older men. The louge has a very modern design and nice set up, and clean for the most part. I did enjoy myself I just wish the crowd was a bit more live for it to be so many people. No sign of fighting or drama though the crowd was urban the ratchet level was low. This is probably due to the older gays. I'm not exactly sure if Kabin is free all the time, or they are trying to get their name out there as a new location. It's a cool spot to turn and and have fun. There was a bit of eyecandy too! I would deff come back and party with my friends.

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