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Grand Central

Baltimore, MD

Ratchet Level: LOW

Music Type: Modern Pop

Price: FREE ($5 for Dance Room / Upstairs Lounge)

A bar located in the gayborhood of Baltimore it really serves its purpose. It's a place for people to go enjoy a drink and feel comfortable. I always have a good time when I come. I usually play pool with random guys and enjoy a drink. Most of the guys simply have on button down, jeans, and dress shoes. The crowd is a bit more mature for my taste making it very obvious of my age. There is a bar at the entrace you have to be check by a huge body guard for ID to get to. The music from upconing artist usually plays and this room can get extremely packed. There is a dance room you pay $5 for a wrist band to get to with a bar and very little stage. The DJ mixes up the music so I never know what song could come on. I tend to take over the little stage with my friends for a VIP look. With the same wrist band you can go upstairs for a more calming room with a pool table and bar. This is where I usually am when I'm not in the dance room. There is no smoking inside of the bar. Instead there is a back porch that is always crowded with smokers, but is a huge area to socialize. Upstairs there is a small room top to sit down and enjoy a cigerette. I really do enjoy this chill spot. I usually attend on a casual Friday or a Saturday to pregame before I go out to a club. If you're 21-25 this may not be the place for you, but all are welcome to come by and just chill.

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