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Club XL

New York City

Ratchet Level: MEDIUM

Music Type: Hip-Hop/ Pop/ Techno

Price: $10

Overall this was probably the best club I've been to which says a lot. I'm not sure of the regular crowd, because I did attend on an event. Traci Braxton was stopping by to promote her new single. I tried to arrive a little early, but when I got out of my taxi to my surprise the line was extremely long. I was even more surprised at how fast and productive the movement was. I was only outside for a few minutes. This club does check I.D.'s but I can't remember is I was frisked. After paying you have two options. You look to your left there is a room with a bar in the middle and dancers on top of it. This room had less people but played pop / techno mixed music. The pink neon lights give it a cool feel and the crowd in this room was diverse. On the other side of the club was a much bigger room. This room had a stage on the far end and bars to the left and right. There were platforms on the floor for the go-go dancers. This room played hip-hop music and was where most of the crowd was. The club is in pretty good condition and seems very popular. Every minute more and more people contimed to enter. For every 20 men there was one women. Which was fine with me. The DJ did eventually begin to repeat music , but I did party for about 5 hours. I didn't get a chance to taste the alcohol , but my friends were pretty fucked up over it. With such a big crowd there was a few fights which made it a little ratchet. The club was so packed and diverse there was a buffet of guys to choose from. Old and young. Only issue I had was a super wasted man clearly on drugs offering me a drink that was obviously not right. The restroom set-up is pretty cool , but seems awkward if your a girl. You go down the steps to a room with urinals and a balcony where you look over to see stalls below. There are employees you hand out towels and mints. The restroom is all black with neon tints which looks cool. There are plenty of VIP sections with bottle service. Security does potral around with flashlights to make sure everyone is safe. There is also a coat check. A lot of clubs I go to actually don't have that. If you're in New York this is deff a place to party. I'll be back.

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