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Club Hippo (CLOSED 2016)

Baltimore, MD

Ratchet Level: MEDIUM

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: $8

At the door you're greeted by one guard to check your ID and another for a quick pat down. The club is located in the gayborhood of Baltimore Mt.Vernon, and directly across the street from Grand Central (A gay bar I also reviewed). When you enter the club you like up in a room with a bar to go to the cashier to pay for your wristband for club access. Once you receive your wristband you can come and go as you please with guarenteed access once they reach capacity. In the room with the bar there are 2 arcade games and plenty of seats everywhere. This bar serves the stronger drinks. I was already tipsy off of one mixed drink. There is random music that plays low enough to enjoy a conversation, but loud enough to hear and still dance. There is a hallway in between the bar and club room with restrooms which are small, but actually quite clean for a club restroom. In the dance room I did notice security around which is nice incase things get ratchet. The music was very modern hip-hop and even played the Flawless Remix that just released earlier this week. This was a plus. I arrived around 11pm and the club seemed empty , but by 12:30am it was packed with people everywhere. There was about 5 lesbians for every 1 gay boy I saw so it was more of a fish party. In the club room there is a dance floor in the middle and a bar on each side of the room. Drinks are served fast, but not strong. I did like they take cards for any purchase as I don't carry cash. The crowd was very much urban. This is a very popular club for the +21 in Baltimore and is a Thursday hotspot. But I only know this club for being a Thursday hotspot and have no idea if they are even open any other day. If you're in Baltimore on a Thursday, this is deff the place to be. If you don't like it you can always go across the street to Grand Central.

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